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Who We Are

Quicksilver Cards and Games is a new company with a long history. In 1985, Ann Brill & John White met during a joint choir performance. She studied Russian and communications, discovering the Goddess along the way. He studied math and computers, exploring his own spirituality. A delightfully nerdy long love story ensued. Ann graduated, took a job with the Federal government, and moved to the DC area. John followed shortly thereafter, and the two married in 1994 - John likes to say that he married up.


The newlyweds became active in the local sci-fi community. Ann was also very active in the burgeoning pagan community, including the Free Spirit Alliance. There, she met Caroline Kenner, a Witch initiate, trance healer, and community organizer. The two became fast friends.

In 1998, Jason Linhart spoke at an FSG community meeting, and impressed Caroline with his smarts and eloquence.  The two courted, and eventually married.  Jason had studied computers at MIT, and helped to found MOTU music engineering, and developed several games from his studio MicroMagic.  Caroline was a communications consultant for causes and candidates on the Left.  They combined their powers, and when the Apple App Store opened in 2010, Enjoy Sudoku! was among the first apps available. The Fool's Dog family of tarot apps joined shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Sara Mastros was learning witchcraft on her own, mostly from trees, rocks, and fairy tales.  In 1996, she began attending Caltech (studying math) and suddenly had access to a whole world of people who were also interested in cool weird stuff!  She spent the next several decades traipsing through various kinds of mathematics, magic, and mysticism.  In 2015, she met Ann and Caroline on a witches' pilgrimage to Greece, a trip which partly inspired her first book, Orphic Hymns Grimoire.  The three witches formed an instant cabal, and their cackling is part of the soundtrack of Quicksilver Cards and Games.

Shortly after that trip, Sara quit her day job, moved back to Pittsburgh, and, with co-conspirator launched Mastros & Zealot: Witches for Hire.  She's best known for her teaching on oracular divination, Greek sorcery, and Solomonic magic, as well as her magical incense.  Her book, The Big Book of Magical Incense will be published in December of 2021.  

When time time came for Caroline & Jason to pass the torch and step down from day-to-day operations of the apps, Ann, John, and Sara were the obvious choice!  Ann had recently retired from the government, and focusing on
her work as a jewelry designer.  John was looking to retire from his own government work, and focus on more creativer endeavors.  The three formed Quicksilver Cards & Games in July of 2021, and assumed control of The Fool's Dog and Enjoy Sudoku in October of that year.  Caroline and Jason remain involved as beloved advisors and dear friends.

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