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The Fool's Dog
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Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?  The opportunity to play.  
-Mike Singletary

We dance to grow stronger,
We play to finish the Work.
The Game is all that matters.
Disregard if you're a jerk.


Quicksilver Cards and Games

Purveyors of joy, liberation, and Sacred Play.

Quicksilver Cards and Games produces apps that awaken joy.  We're best known for our extensive line of Fool's Dog tarot apps, which bring digital versions of popular decks, both classic and modern, to new audiences. We're also behind Enjoy Sudoku, which boasts the best sudoku learning tools on the market.  We strive to make apps that inspire learning, self discovery, and liberation of the mind. We believe that these gifts of learning, liminality, and liberation, are at the core of what it means to be human, but are too often stolen from us in our exhausting, quotidian world of work, stress, and constant demands. Take a break and find out how just ten minutes of play can reinvigorate the creativity, curiosity, and childlike wonder that lie at the core of your mind and soul.  Quicksilver Cards and Games is dedicated to that spirit of learning, liminality, and liberation.  Won't you come and play with us?

Liberate Your Mind

Just 10 minutes of Sacred Play can revitalize and reawaken.

Solve a puzzle.  Look at art.  Seek guidance and insight.  Find yourself in all the noise. 

Make Friends

Our extensive forums and social groups provide an opportunity to geek our about the things you love.  Discuss strategy in our Enjoy Sudoku Forum, or discuss the Card of the Day with other tarot enthusiasts around the globe.  Enjoy!

Learn New Things

Our tarot apps and games both include lessons and books specially written to help beginners get started fast and experienced players improve and deepen their practice.

So many ways to have fun...

Free Tarot Sampler

Our free tarot sampler, like all our tarot apps, lets you read tarot like a pro.  It showcases cards from all of our decks, along with excerpts from their books. It includes dozens of reading templates, as well as complete control to set your own readings up however you like.  Fool's Dog Tarot combines your deck, journal, and "little white book" into one convenient app.

The app is perfect for beginners, but also for experienced deck lovers; in addition to full readings, you can also explore all our decks, comparing and contrasting meanings and images across decks.  

Available for all Apple and Android devices.  

Free Daily Sudoku

You can play every level of sudoku, from "Easy As Pie" to "Maelstrom" in our free app, or right in your browser.


Get in Touch

We want to hear from you!

You can email us directly at or fill out the contact form below.  We also look forward to seeing you in the forums and on our social media.  

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